Does your business or organization need web presence? Is it finally time to stop relying on paper advertisement and word of mouth to communicate with your business? Yes, it has been for the past decade. A website will help you accomplish the following:

  • Ways to push information to your customers on a 24/7 basis, in an easy-to-navigate system
  • Presence in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Ways for people to share your organization’s information in an easy way, via email, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and by simply sharing the web address with people

Ways in Which Companies, Organizations and Businesses Can Utilize Websites


Restaurants benefit most from having a website. You can offer a home page, list of events, a menu of your offered foods, directions, and a little background information for your restaurant. Having this information helps customers make the decision to come to you while doing the research. You also have the opportunity to show off your ambiance through images and the website’s feeling.

Real Estate and Insurance Businesses

Real Estate can benefit by advertising the houses for sale. The website will allow you to present your business and develop a mission statement and proven track record of your house placement. You can also add a nice section for contact information. Finally, having an actual website developed for your business becomes a nice little thing to add to your business card.

As for Insurance businesses, you can give the facts about why people need insurance. When you give out business cards, you can have your own website on there, which distinguishes you from the common insurance salesperson. You can give your potential clients content to read in case they are on the fence about choosing your insurance company.

Consultants or Sole Businesses Operator

Do you run a one-man(or woman) army? It’s time to represent yourself! Instead of taking precious time and resources to advertise yourself in person before any interest in your skills are established, why not give your potential clients the ability to read up on you? Drop your card with your website and people will be able to gather information about. They can also use a contact form on your website to get in contact with you!

Skilled Services

Any kind of business that offers skilled service such as Auto Maintenance, House Cleaning, Wood Working, Interior Decoration, Computer Repair, etc. will be able to offer all services available, display samples of work, testimonials, and anything else relevant to the business.

Future Employee

Are you an up and coming graduate in a competitive field? Want the world to know your individual skill sets and show off a portfolio or work? Want to display a lengthy resume? Having a website is a great way to get this done.

If you are an unemployed college graduate, you may be eligible for a free website through 36 Hour Website as our way of encouraging professionalism for new graduates!

Private Practice

Don’t want to hire a secretary/assistant? With a website, you can get your work out there for cheap. Show off your work, offer contact information, and client testimonials.

Charity or Non-Profit Organization

If your organization wishes to better the world, help spread your message through the internet! If your organization operates as a non-profit, I will gladly build your website for free as long as you help cover hosting fees.


Hourly Rate: $60 per hour

Most sites take between 20 and 40 work hours to complete, from start to finish, depending on the goals of the site and features desired. The following services are also offered:

  • Banner/Logo/Graphic Design
  • Content Writing
  • Social Setup – Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Instagram
  • Introduction to Commerce Websites such as eBay and Etsy

In addition, I offer website hosting packages starting at $10 per month.