When a flash drive crashes, it can feel like the end of the world. Sometimes it is possible to recover this data. If you cannot access such a device, YOU NEED TO STOP USING THE DEVICE COMPLETELY and contact me. The sooner the better, and the less you use it, the better the chances of a successful recovery of your information.


I have successfully accomplished the following recoveries:

  • Crashed Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Crashed Flash Drive Data Recovery
  • Recovery of Damaged and Corrupted Files on Working Devices
  • Data Extraction from Broken/Old Machines
  • Un-Deleting of Files
  • For best results, DO NOT attempt to operate the device on your own. Every time a device is booted up or used in any way, data is at risk for being further damaged. Less use of the device gives a better chance of success.



Hourly rate for data recovery is $150 per hour. Minimum 2 hours. If I am unsuccessful, you will only be billed for one hour.