Welcome to the Tech Services section of my website. Here I offer many types of technology solutions, including:

Computer Repair

Repair of computers, including:

  • Removal of viruses and other malware
  • Re-installation of Windows to factory defaults
  • Troubleshooting various problems with an operating system
  • Cleaning of laptops, including dust removal and removal of "junk" from keyboard
  • Replacement or upgrading of various aspects of a computer, such as:
    • Keyboard replacement in a Mouse
    • Upgrading a Hard Drive, Processor or Graphics Card
    • Adding RAM


Web Design

Need a website made for a business or other task? I can design websites that help deliver vital information to visitors.


Data Recovery

Did you flash drive or hard drive die? I can try to recover data from said device using modern tools to retrieve lost information.


Corporate & I.T. Training

Need to train employees quickly and effectively? As a computer-science teacher with many years of experience, I can help you train willing employees. Teach me your system and what you expect your employees to be able to do, and I'll train 15 employees at a time.